Is McCain too old to run for president? Of course he isn’t. You’re only as old as you feel after all. How about his health? He may have had skin cancer but is monitoring it and doing fine. Just check out his medical report for yourself.


How about Obama? Well, he used to smoke but he’s quit numerous times. He’s currently using nicotine gum to dull the cravings. Aside from that he’s very fit. Don’t believe me? He’s got a doctor’s note to prove it.


Yes, it’s the battle of the medical reports and everyone is talking about it –Marc Ambinder, The Huffington Post, The Fix, and now Blogging it in. I guess I’m in pretty good company.


What about Hillary? How’s she doing? Sorry folks, she’s keeping it under wraps. I guess that means she’s out of the race. It’s interesting how trends start in politics. Candidates will do what they have to in order to win the nomination and then the race.


As many Americans have little or no medical insurance the candidates are flashing their records. Maybe they should instead work a little harder on getting medical records for all. If McCain didn’t have health insurance he wouldn’t be able to monitor his skin. A clean bill of health wouldn’t be available to potential voters to wade through.


In the end, the only thing that the battling medical records really does, is bring more attention to the health care problems in the U.S. I’m sure people with no insurance aren’t saying, “thank goodness a potential presidential candidate is feeling fit and fiddle.” I’m sure instead they are wondering if their family will be as lucky.


Who’s going to be a better president? Age, not so important. Policies, now that can make a difference. So keep your medical records and give us substance instead.