Pigs in Space

June 24, 2008

McCain must have spoken with his wife. He’s trying to change his image as a candidate who just doesn’t know how the tubes on the internets work. He’s revamped his website and even added an application on Facebook. Sounds pretty good huh? Hmmm.

Gaming is definitely web 2.0. Flying Atari type pigs are not. John forgot to consult his children when he came out with his new game Pork Invaders. It will not get him any cool points. The graphics are very innovative for the 1980’s. I mean, he wouldn’t walk around flaunting his sock garters for fear of his age being called into question. So, why would he add an application from the 20th century? This was a great chance to shine but instead he just fell flat.

Well, there’s still one more innovation that his “supporters” are handing to him. As I mentioned in my last blog, Techrepublican is touting a site called KeepThatFaith.com. Graphic artists can donate their work to the Republican cause. I included one piece of artwork from the site in my blog. It was brought to my attention that embedded in the photo may be a symbol that McCain doesn’t want to be associated with him.

Does this look familiar? Is that a crescent and star? You be the judge.

But, it’s not all bad news for John McCain’s web presence. His redesigned website is turning heads. It’s got a blog, better color scheme, and it basically ushers his website into web 2.0. This means that his web team has it in them. They just need to expand it and keep his web presence growing. More importantly though someone needs to sit him down and give him a crash course on the internet. Maybe we’ll see him in Prof. Graff’s next Social Media class. He can borrow a laptop from the department and be ready to go.