Passing Over Cupcakes

April 21, 2008

Minty Musingstrip to the Newseum prevented a cupcake tasting for her but I have a higher power to answer to for the next week. It’s Passover again and that means no bread products for eight days. It feels like an eternity. As I sit here eating my chicken salad with matzo I miss my dear old friend bread. The best way to describe how matzo tastes is a stale cracker with no salt or any other flavor added. Not so good. Fear not though, I did get in some last minute bread products over the weekend before the sun went down on Saturday.


This past weekend I was again in NYC and I had a creme puff at Beard Papa. This is an odd little place on the upper west side. I have never liked creme puffs because they are soggy with heavy filling in the middle. At this place they’re different. Basically, one of the two Japanese women behind the counter picks up a puff pastry and then impales it on a metal spout. They then pump the pudding like filling in (it’s a bit lighter than a pudding texture though). A dash of powdered sugar finishes the creation. Because the creme doesn’t touch the pastry until right before it disappears into your mouth it doesn’t get soggy. Definitely a must try if you’re in the neighborhood. The ladies behind the counter are also very upbeat and perky.


As for this breadless week, don’t cry for me, I’ve got a plan. Before class on Wednesday I’ll be hitting the Sweet Green and partaking of the yogurt with fresh berries on top. That should calm down my sweet tooth and satisfy the no bread requirement. It’s even pretty healthy to boot.