Content Provider

April 17, 2008

So, I just found out today that I’m a content provider according to Readwriteweb.  As bloggers we are all content providers. What does this mean? We spend 5-10 hours puttering along web 2.0. Do I really spend that much time? Now that I think about it probably. I mean between writing blogs, reading blogs, researching papers, etc. I’m on here a heck of a lot. Our buddies on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and such are only participants with 1-5 hours a week devoted to social media.


I remember back in college being terribly impressed that my roommate had a dial up connection to the internet. I would always forget that she was online and pick up the phone to that horrible fuzzy, buzzy sound that comes through the receiver when you’re connected to the computer. I remember when you had a choice to either use the phone or the computer since they both used the same phone line. Who could have guessed I’d actually be using the internet, if not to its full advantage, at least to some advantage Just a thought.