As I was reading the articles on the Howard Dean campaign it struck me that all of them had one thing in common. Basically, they were saying that politics, like markets should be conversations. I felt like a genius until I got to the last article that I read The Marketing of a President. It said just that so I didn’t feel as superior anymore. It makes plenty of sense though. For years in politics, just as in marketing, we’ve been told what we want instead of asked. We don’t need to buy (vote) for any particular candidate. In fact there are lots to choose from so if we don’t feel like a candidate is interested in us why should we side with them? Just as in marketing a little goes a long way. If a politician can really show potential voters that he or she is listening and reacting to what is being discussed they have a much better chance of being elected. When the poorest candidate has millions of dollars in the bank it’s hard to relate to them. There is already a built in divide. When they ask advice of constituents it makes them, the constituents, feel more powerful.


Since we have more people getting involved in the campaign more insights can be made. As also mentioned in the article, our crowd is very wise. Each individual person may have a great idea but the trends that develop will really let a campaign know which way to go. By using collaboration this wisdom becomes a free asset for campaigns. People are motivated to get involved with a campaign that cherishes their ideas and institutes them. It is what web 2.0 is all about. People donate ideas and time based not on monetary rewards but instead recognition.


Now candidates are also capitalizing through the gained capital that an internet presence brings in but money from individuals only goes so far. It seems that in order to run a campaign a huge amount of money is needed. If volunteers are born of this open internet forum they each can pull in 2 more people or 6 and then the donations will really begin to roll. If potential voters believe in you and feel that your message is directed towards them and obtainable the possibilities are endless.