Blogging Anyone?

March 28, 2008

What do blogs and St. Lucia have in common? The answer would be cricket. Out of the 11 posts on Globalvoicesonline 3 of them involved cricket. The most recent discussed how the hey day of cricket had passed in the Caribbean. There are no great stars as there once were. This does not seem to have put a damper on the love of the sport though. Two more earlier blogs also discussed cricket. One discussed a local game ending with information on when the national season started. Yet another blog on cricket discussed a volcanic disturbance. The most frightening part of the eruption though didn’t seem to be damage to person or home but instead the possibility that the cricket game scheduled for the island might not happen. It was an historic event since St. Kitts had never before hosted an international cricket match. The volcano, however, had erupted many times before making it commonplace.  I guess it’s just about what you’re used to.


Another topic discussed was a Caribbean blogging roundtable. It basically sounded like our Social Media course in a nutshell. A podcast started the presentation followed by a google search, setting up a blog, and discussion of various social media outlets. They discussed Flickr, Technorati, Wikipedia, and RSS feeds. Sound familiar to any of you out there? It seems, in a nutshell, that the conference was discussing the importance of web 2.0 and how blogging could help define the Caribbean culture to outsiders.

 The most recent Global Voices blog on St. Lucia was during April 26, 2007 so I’m not sure how well the roundtable spread its message.