So, after our class on MMOGs I decided to give Second Life another chance. The first thing I decided to do was use a newer computer. I had been booted off when using my older one. This definitely helped. Movement was a lot easier. I think since the other computer was a bit sluggish it was having problems following what I was doing. That out of the way I started wandering a bit. Then I got lost. I ran into some people and they teleported me to a newbie area. While in this area I ran into a helpful soul. My new buddy taught me how to control my walking and flying. He, I think it was a he, taught me how to teleport and offer teleportation to others. I also learned how to right click my apple computer by using the apple key and click. Doing this I was able to click objects to buy them.


One thing I loved doing was shopping. I enjoy this in my first life but in Second Life I can do it for free. I went crazy at Freebie Beach. The fact that everything isn’t free was a bit sad but I soon got over it. I went on a shopping spree and had fun trying things on. I spent a lot of time on my appearance because I managed to mess up my face. Something is just out of whack. Then I decided that I didn’t really care. At one point I had long hair, a hat, and then shorter hair on top of that. Not sure where I learned to dress myself.


As for exploration it was okay but I didn’t find too much. One island had some pretty scenery and a carousel. I jumped on and road around then did some scuba diving and took a ride on a raft. Basically, what it all boils down to is that I had off last week and was kind of bored so with time on my hands I decided to waste some. It was a great time consumer. In fact my laptop started to heat up since I was exploring so much.

To me Second Life seems kind of like a chat room with graphics for a lot of people. For me though it was more like Fashion Plates a game that I played when I was growing up where you stencil different outfits. I just enjoyed playing dress up. In fact, so much so, that I think I upset some people by not answering them since I was so into myself.