Red Crossed Wiki

March 23, 2008

So, I decided to check out the American Red Cross on Wikiscanner. I picked them because they call me constantly. One of my friends likened them to the mafia. Once you’re in you’re in for life. They’re always looking for blood, my blood. There are tons of IP addresses for them so I concentrated on the national headquarters. The first thing that I checked out were changes made to their own Wikipedia entry. The most interesting thing that I found is that they deleted this sentence from their entry. “The Red Cross has had several controversies surrounding their blood program in which the center mishandled donated blood.” As employees of the Red Cross I can see how they might not want this little tidbit out there. What’s interesting is that there is a warning on top  of the article stating that it might not be written using neutral point of view. If they let some dissent in maybe people would be a little easier on the entry. 


They are also interested in Somali tribes of Africa. With these entries they seemed to make small changes but again many of them seemed to have some problems with neutral point of view. It mentions the “best leader ever in the Rahanweyn clan.” This entry grammatically leaves much to be desired. It also has a warning that it may not meet with Wikipedia’s standards.


South Carolina, especially Columbia is represented with over 100 entries. The changes range from fixing grammar to adding new information. History to revitalization is covered. Someone there cares an awful lot about Columbia. Now, I’m only guessing  but I’m pretty sure that these entries were made  by employees in the Central South Carolina Chapter located, you guessed it, in Columbia.


They also are watchdogs for Wikipedia getting rid of vandalism in the Jennifer Lopez entry (they removed an entry saying that she has a big butt but not in those words) and participating in the vote for deletion May 2004 page. One of my favorite edits is to The Flavor of Love. You know, the show about Flavor flave looking for love. They corrected an incorrect fact. Kentucky Fried Chicken comes in a bucket not a bowl. These flawed facts cannot be allowed to remain on Wikipedia pages. Thank goodness The Red Cross cares enough to fix them for us.