I Love Cupcakes Too

March 21, 2008



After reading about the cupcake challenge on Minty Musings I decided to share my own cupcake taste test results. I must admit that I haven’t tried cupcakes from either of the places mentioned in the quest. I instead would like to add another Washington D.C. cupcake institution to the list. I’ve spent many an evening enjoying a baked treat from Cake Love. I first found out about it from the Food Network. They ranted and raved about how good the icing was. My first taste was on my birthday last year. I tried two different flavored cakes and icings. While the chocolate cake was good but a bit dry the white cake was perfect. It was very moist as a good cupcake should be. The icing, on the other hand, was wonderful. The topping is light and fluffy, not heavy as some butter creams can be. It is also not too sweet so it doesn’t overpower you. The best combination is the white cake with strawberry icing. It has small pieces of strawberries in the frosting.    


I’d also like to expand the horizons of the great cupcake challenge by taking it to NYC. I’ve tried two different places there. The first is Crumbs. The cupcakes there are like mini cakes. They are great for sharing due to their large size. All of the cakes are very moist and the toppings are very involved. Some have pieces of chocolate bars in them along with other treats. Strawberry jam or liquid chocolate can be found in others. If you’re in the mood for a light snack they are not the way to go. There are some regular sized ones but who wants that when you have the variety of the larger ones. The biggest problem is remembering to stop when you’re full.   


The third place that I’ve tried is Magnolia Bakery. Now this one was a surprising disappointment. The opening was eagerly awaited and the lines were long. After purchasing our treats we headed to Central Park to enjoy. Interesting enough red velvet cake was among our choices. The frosting on this one was okay being light and not too sweet but the cake was overcooked. Thinking it was an anomaly we tried the second one. This one was white cake with some sort of colorful blue frosting. The cake was also dry and the icing was sickeningly sweet. A dud to be sure. If you try out Cake Love on U street let me know how you like it. Don’t forget to grab a chili dog at Ben’s Chili Bowlwhile you’re in the area.