100_0520.jpg Sitting at home looking at my bookshelf I can’t help but think about Bookmooch. It could be a possible solution to my problem. As you can see for yourself I’ve got one or two books not including the ones for school. Since I don’t tend to go back and reread trading the old ones in for new ones wouldn’t be a bad idea. I usually just donated them to the library but I can perpetuate my addiction if I get more. Hmmm, I guess this wouldn’t solve my overcrowding problem but it would be fun to try.


The other site that I found very interesting was Facebook/ads. One of our freelance editors is helping out with a political campaign. The campaign is a small one without a lot of money to spend. On Thursday the first thing that I did when I walked into work was tell him about it. He thought it was a great idea. The first thing that he worried about was that Facebook might skew too young to vote but when you target voting age constituents this becomes a non-issue. What’s even better is that since the candidate is a democrat they can choose people with the same political view. Political campaigning can be very expensive and this might just help even out the playing field a bit.