I Want it….Because

February 16, 2008

I want an iphone. I’ve wanted one since I first heard about it. Apple products do put a spring in my step in general I must admit but I really want this one. I think my Apple obsession started when my parents bought me my first computer in college. It was a Macintosh classic. I loved it. The computer stayed with me until it finally conked out after 6 years. I must admit to getting an IBM computer before I got my ibook but it really was a price thing. The IBM was WAY cheaper at the time. I’m getting off topic here though.

 The iphone is just cool. It’s one of those things that I know I don’t need but still want. I just haven’t been able to justify getting one yet. I think part of my hesitation is that I’m on a family share plan and it would throw the who thing off. Saved from myself again. Now, the question is why do I want it so badly aside from the cool part? I think part of the reason is long train rides. I’ve been doing a lot of commuting from DC to NYC lately and three hours plus takes a long time. It also involves carrying lots of stuff such as books, ipod, phone, chargers, computer (sometimes), and the list goes on. Well, I just read on Readwritewebthat you can read books on it. Now I’m not a fan of electronic book reading but if it means less lifting you’ve got a convert. Tack on to that the fact that you’ve got the phone, ipod, and computer attached too. What a back saver. Also, just one charger. Now I can’t say that I’d like to write a paper on it but it would be great for checking my Googlereaderover the weekends. As we all know when you let it slide a few days boy do you get behind. Throw in a couple of online games with some They Might be Giants ringtones and I’d be good to go. Heck, I might even be convinced to give Twitter a try. Until that time I’ll remain practical and stick with what I’ve got.