They Might be Tech Giants

February 10, 2008

Two guys named John started They Might be Giants in 1982. By 1983 they were already ahead of their time when it came to music and technology. That year they started dial-a-song. They hooked up an answering machine to a phone line and fans could call in getting a new song everyday. Now you can check out This Might be a Wiki (you can probably guess it’s their fan wiki). Listen to their free podcast or watch their video podcast for kids. You can visit their myspace page or download the latest concert from their website. Bored at work? How about downloading their free clock radio? It has demos on the AM station, live recordings on the FM station and interviews on the EBS station. If that’s not enough how about downloading free mp3s? Oh, it takes to long to listen to them. How about a downloading a free ring tone for your cell phone?


I must say that I just didn’t know about how connected they were until I became more connected. I saw them last week at the Beacon Theater and was impressed that they mentioned looking something up on Google and rewriting history on Wikipedia during their concert. After that I was planning on blogging about them. When I got home I did a little research to find out more about dial-a-song and found out about how much more with the times they were than I am. Now I’ve got the podcast on my shuffle and I’m ready to go.


Oh, I guess I should tell you a little about the band. To me their songs are like Tapas. Lots of little treats. Most of them aren’t very long but they are fun and upbeat. Some are even informative. There just isn’t any angst there even if the song is about a sad topic it’s upbeat so you have a hard time figuring that out. If you don’t know the band you might know a song or two. They wrote the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle and Istanbul not Constantinople. If you’re a little down and want to hear some fun music check them out.



Wait, Let me Google it

February 10, 2008


Google has become part of our vernacular. For people who don’t use it there’s this website. I was watching a newscast last week where the reporter was talking about Google and Yahoo. She mentioned that you never hear someone say that they’re going to yahoo it when looking something up on the internet. One of the Johns in They Might Be Giants mentioned googling the name of a song writer that he couldn’t remember while on stage. It really is the search engine. Let’s face it the internet without a good search engine would be useless. 


With the power of search also comes responsibility. If your business can’t be found on Google it might as well be invisible. If it is found you just might be made. As Google updates their software though you might go from being found to being lost or vice versa. This would definitely make Google a scary entity. They giveth and taketh away. I know that in the past I’ve done a search each time I wanted to find a certain website. Now, with the creation of favorites and a consumer can save the websites to their computers so being found in each and every search isn’t as critical. Also, none of the companies are complaining during a time when they are found quickly. It’s like free advertising.


There are also other search engines out there even though Google really is the one that most people use. I guess that could make it seem like a monopoly but it just does search better than anyone else right now. Things change so fast though in the tech world that someone else could leave Google in the dust in the not so far future. I think what makes it special is that it opened another door and others are going to try and step through creating better products. Didn’t Yahoo open a new door before Google? 


Should we be scared of one company with so much power due to innovation? Heck no. We should thank them for leading the way and forcing other products to follow suit with their own new ideas.