To Cast or Reel in a Pod

February 1, 2008

When It comes to my adventures into podcasts I had mixed results. Have you ever seen the SNL skit Delicious Dish? Two women have a public radio show and sound very laid back almost on Valium. When I listened to Mommycast I couldn’t help but think of the skit. It kind of killed the podcast for me.  I enjoyed the satire about Bush’s take on the U.S. dollar. It had a voice impersonator playing Bush and discussing how we can make the dollar stronger. I really enjoyed maccast. I love my mac and thought the podcast from Macworld 2008 was interesting. I also enjoyed the Final Cut Pro podcast by Creative Cow. I’m taking a video production class and thought it was helpful. I also really liked twit. I guess I like technology more than I thought I did since this podcast discusses new gadgets. I even passed on an idea from the podcast to one of the reporters that I work with to use in a baby boomer piece. I plan on keeping up the search in the world of podcasts to find my niche.